Monday, 3 August 2015

and so time passes ...

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything here ..... quite an understatement I know. Life went from quiet, peaceful and searching for business to busy, peaceful and "How am I going to get to all of this?" in less than 12 months!

How did it all happen .... to be honest, we have been blessed in ways we could never even have planned in our wildest dreams when we left Namibia almost a year ago. The plans we made have not all come to fruition, and the plans we certainly didn't make have flourished and continue to amaze us.

It hasn't all been easy and without sacrifice mind you. Working away from the family for 3 weeks at a time is certainly a new and challenging experience - to those of you doing rotations in excess of a month.... respect. But the 2 weeks I get to spend full time with them in Stilbaai is precious to say the least. It is like a family holiday once a month!!!

A word on the mining industry ....

Helena and I discussed a while back ... and I actually think I mentioned it somewhere on this blog, that working for a large corporate carries no more job security than working for yourself. Well, our words had not even cooled down (not to mention grown cold!) and the iron ore industry tumbled to new lows. The job losses have been terrible to watch and hear about. The Gold industry is under pressure and pretty much all other commodities as well. So, to those of you reading this (however few that is), being in control of your own business (under the guidance of the Almighty!) - do not fear - it can be done.

Friend of ours have also made the leap recently from corporate to self employed and I am overjoyed to say, that although they are very busy and swimming in the deep end, they are thriving in their new life!

Again, the more I look around and see people in 'small' business working together, forming JVs to tackle a job that may be daunting on your own, and setting up new ventures - the more I see the key to South Africa's success. It isn't going to come from a new president (although the Lord knows we need a good one soon!) - it is going to come from small business start ups and hard working individuals.

If I could change anything so far ..... I would have started a business sooner - even if it was small and on the side-line. There is so much to learn.

Thank you to all those that support true South African small businesses - including fellow start ups that support each other.

God bless and Go BIG!

Just a photo I snapped on the way home from Riversdale to Stilbaai - now that is a view I can get used to!

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